Life is Not the Mountaintops.

Edited Mountains PicsFor as long as I can remember, I have wanted to blog. I have talked myself into it and out of it more times than I care to count. However, for some reason, there has always been a still, small voice that has doubted my abilities to convey my thoughts. This voice has whispered, “Who are you to speak to others? What have you done that is so monumental?” That was when I realized, blogging, just like everything else in this life should never be about me. 

One of my favorite artists, Ben Rector, wrote a song entitled, “I like you.” In this song, he states that “life is not the mountaintops, but the walking in between.” After spending the summer in Austria, quite literally climbing the alps, I realized that he is absolutely correct. While there is a thrill in standing on top of those mountains, whether literal or figurative, realizing both your insignificance and importance in this world, there is also an absolute humbleness to the little moments as well. Yes, mountaintops can be invigorating, thrilling, breathtaking, but they are not realistic to everyday life.

Life is full of messes. We are all searching, crawling, and gazing to the top, hoping for satisfaction when we get there. If only we could just stop and look around, realizing that its truly is those moments in between that matter all the more.



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