What do you worship? 

The year is 2016 and yet no matter what history has proved or what mistakes we have made, we still revert to the original temptation. In Genesis, Adam and Eve were offered a false god, the God of control, in exchange for a personal and perfect relationship with God. As humans borne into sin, we do this everyday. We choose wonderful, amoral gifts given from the Lord and make them into our own idols.

You may be wondering, “how is this relevent to me? I go to church, I treat others with respect, and heck, I even tithe! I don’t worship anything but my God.”

Please do not let me seem like I am above anyone else when I say this, but yes, we all worship false idols, whether that be success, a relationship, or even ourselves.

In Kyle Idleman’s gods at war, he discusses the various false gods that each of us are putting at the throne of our lives. By relating to various, powerful testimonies, Idleman clearly allows us to see where our hearts lie and that the only way we can truly be liberated through this battle is in giving our hearts completely to Jesus.

Idleman states that idolatry is THE issue. When God asks us to take up the cross and follow him he does not mean to merely act like we are following Him, but to live with Him.

In order to tell where your heart lies and what drives you away from Christ, you must ask what disappoints you. Is it your insatiable need to intake food, sex, or entertainment? Are you a victim of the God of Power? Do you need success, achievement, or money to determine who you are? Or perhaps you are defined by your need for a romantic relationship, a family, or even dominated by your own self.

Let me reiterate, none of these pursuits are bad or evil. God has given us relationships, food, pleasure and entertainment because He loves us and wants us to enjoy this world, but He also did not create us for this world either.

It is about the Giver, not the gift.

So, what do you worship? Who sits at the throne of your heart? If it isn’t Jesus, like it can be for all of us at times, I invite you to not only to read Kyle Idleman’s book but to pray that the Lord can open your heart to Him and to see the beauty of this world not and not be committed to it but to Him. 



One thought on “What do you worship? 

  1. Emily I absolutely love this post. I could not think of more truer words. You should check out the podcasts from flatirons community church. There is an episode on the idols that we allow to rule our hearts. Thanks for this, and great blog sweet girl! I hope you are doing wonderful!


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