Contentment Challenge

If you read my previous blog post, “What do you worship?” than you are moderately familiar with the importance of demolishing our idols and seeking what is highest. In researching further on idolatry and the yearnings of our hearts, I have felt convicted in many ways. While I believe that we all struggle with various idols at different times, there are some that remain at the forefront of our everyday thoughts. For me, that is shopping and material things. While I have always hated my shopping and spending habits, I have never actively taken charge of stopping them, or at least not using it as a form of unconscious satisfaction.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon something called the “contentment challenge.” I began to further investigate it and discovered that this challenge entails going 90 days (3 months) without shopping! Two weeks without shopping sounds horrible–let alone 3 months! However, I have felt the Holy Spirit leading me to do this, showing me the spots in which my heart is weak. While I fear doing this, I also feel that it will allow me to be free. By shifting my attention from what I don’t have or what I may desire, I can truly open my eyes to what matters, to what money cannot buy: Contentment.

I know that contentment can only be found through the Father, in trusting His will over my life. I plan to use these three months (February-April 2016) to pray deeper, read more, and actively listen. I plan to be present, to look in the eyes of those with which I am speaking and to seek God rather than His gifts. I pray to fill my mind with rich words and eternal thoughts. I hope that in this time, I can have a generous heart –infectious for others long beyond this challenge.

Yes, it will be difficult to see Target and TJmaxx, to pass up on a new Easter dress, to skip out on Chickfila and my usual Starbucks. But ultimately, I do not want to sacrifice my own contentment for this world.

I ask for your support, prayers, and accountability as I enter the first month of this challenge. I will be writing weekly blogs (most likely on Thursdays) so please feel free to keep up with my journey toward contentment.



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