Contentment Challenge Week #5

I would like to entitle this post: “Why I mourn for those who do not read for pleasure.”

Have you ever read something that spoke to the deepest and most vulnerable part of your soul? Did you desire more, reading as if ravenously in need of more information to subside your hunger? Has a novel, memoir, or biography spoken to you in a way that no face-to-face contact ever could? Well, if you haven’t experienced any of the above, than yes, I do mourn for you. I do agree, however, that not all books are worthy of our time. It takes calculated bouts of trial and error to discover those precious reads that allow us to escape, yet truly find what we could never put into words ourself.

Hannah Brencher is the reason that I started this contentment challenge. Being so engulfed in Instagram, as usual, I came across a picture of a girl, in Target, saying ‘Goodbye!’ I thought, “HOW CAN ONE SAY GOODBYE TO TARGET!?” That is when I realized, Target had consumed more of my thoughts than glorifying God in my daily life. This simple post set off a fire inside of me that the Holy Spirit had been stirring within me for months, but was unaware of what it was exactly. Well, after further investigation, I not only learned about the Contentment Challenge, but also that this young woman wrote a book entitled, If You Find This Letter. As someone close to my age and with the same heart for others, I was intrigued and decided it would be one of the books I would read while on this spending fast. I ordered the book from Amazon just two days before February, the beginning of the 90 Contentment Challenge.

Well, a month passed, and I never received the book. It was the one I have been looking forward to reading the most. After calling Amazon’s customer service, the woman on the phone kindly replaced my copy and I got it in the mail yesterday! Remember what I said at the beginning of the post about feeling understood by a book? Yes, I am referring to this one. I am only a quarter of the way through, but I feel as if it was I that penned the words on the pages. I connect so deeply with her writing, her struggles, and her journey in finding purpose through writing love letters to strangers. While I have never met Hannah Brencher, I feel as if we are already literary soul mates.


I have clung to the musing that one day I will be an author. No, I am not an English major and my greatest work of writing is honestly research papers for my Communication Major, but the Lord has put a fire within me that I feel needs to be seen. I am not sure when that will be, I am not sure if anyone will even care, or read whatever I write, but if it can affect just one person the way that Hannah Brencher’s memoir and posts have affected me, than it is worth it.

So as I reflect back on this quick and busy first week of month two, I am thankful for time with friends, yummy foods, adventures in my soon to be city {Louisville}, but I am also certain of this: no one is alone in this world and everything you do matters. I didn’t want to write this post, I did not feel validated by posting it, but I knew that someone out there might need it and that is enough for me.

Onto week #6!

Bachelorette Weekend for my old roomie, Lauren, who gets married THIS WEEKEND!


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