Contentment Challenge Week #7

Today marks the 50th day of the 90 day contentment challenge.

Over halfway there *Cue the marching band!

This past week has been particularly rewarding, relaxing, and refreshing. Last week, I posted that social media had become an overwhelming influence on my life, consuming much of my energy and thoughts. After time thinking and praying, I decided to take a week long social-media hiatus. Today marks the end of that week and I am so thankful for that screen-time fast.

In the past week of not being on social media I have:

  1. Read almost two books (Prayer by Tim Keller & Me Before You by JoJo Moyes)
  2. Looked at my cell phone significantly LESS (perhaps cut in half!)
  3. Spent more time in God’s word and in prayer
  4. Started each morning NOT checking my newsfeed
  5. Not worried about how many likes or notifications I have or do not have
  6. Fallen IN LOVE with Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Uppers! my new guilty pleasure)
  7. Spent a significant amount of time with my Tiny Best Friend, Shannon
  8. And have loved being able to hangout with family by staying at my parents house to dog sit for my neighbor!
My parents’ beautiful new room!

I definitely think that this social media fast has inspired me to continue to cut back on the distractions in my life, to be more present in my conversations, my time in prayer, and to truly be where I am instead of being stuck on a screen.

As for the contentment challenge, this week has been wonderful! With being off social media and not shopping, I focused on reading, even more so than I normally do. Before I began this journey, I purchased about 7 books. Since February, I have read 6 of them and was DYING to read a novel. So, my mother being the absolute gem that she is took me to Barnes and Noble and purchased not one, not two, but FOUR books (for us to share)…My bookworm heart LEAPT!


And as you all know, my mouth has been watering daily missing the perfect taste of a Chickfila sandwich with extra pickles, waffle fries, and Chickfila sauce. So Mom suggested we go there for lunch AND THE LORD SAID, “AMEN!.” But in all seriousness, nothing could compare to that moment.


Overall, this challenge has given me such an appreciation for others’ kindness as has definitely encouraged me to be more generous, loving, and serving to others. I cannot believe that I am over halfway done. SO excited to see how the Lord further works in my heart through this challenge.

Onto week #8 and back to creeping on your Instagrams.


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