Contentment Challenge Week #9

Nine weeks?! How crazy is that! That is half a semester, a whole summer, or even the length of time it seems like it takes me to make dinner. So, here I am five days into the last month of my 90 day (Three Month!) spending fast, otherwise known as the contentment challenge. As I have covered these past nine weeks with posts, I have noted how quickly time has flown since I have begun this challenge. However, it seems that this past week has whizzed by at the speed of sound.

Week nine has been a full one! Instead of my usual five day work week, I was fortunate enough to have a four day weekend. I headed to Evansville after work on Wednesday to attend a concert with Cole in St. Louis on Thursday evening. If I hadn’t already realized it, this weekend completely sealed in the fact that I could NOT do this challenge without him. Not only did he purchase the concert tickets for us (a whopping $12 a piece!) but we also got some DELICIOUS food while we were there.

So just to appease me, please read on as I describe all the rad places one should visit if they happen to visit St. Louis, Missouri.

We arrived early for the concert and being starving, as usual, we walked over to 4 Hands Brewery. We grabbed some beer and some BBQ and enjoyed the cool atmosphere before heading to the venue. This meal ended up slightly breaking the contentment challenge rules because I had to pay due to a mishap with Cole’s debit card. So I guess it was a necessary purchase since someone had to pay.


After dinner, we headed to the concert where we were literally in front of the stage. We stood to our feet for a good three hours, met some cool people, and sang our hearts out to Green River Ordinance.


The next day was a full day spent in St. Louis. Starting with delicious coffee at Blue Print Coffee in the Delmar Loop area and then AH-mazing tacos at Taco Mission Joint. It was a day full of local treats.

Then Saturday was spent in Evansville/Newburgh. Obviously we LOVE hanging out at coffee shops and supporting small businesses, especially ones with super kind and down-to-earth owners. That day for lunch we went to an international cafe in downtown Newburgh called Cafe Arazu, where we both had the most amazing hamburgers. After, we returned to a favorite coffee shop of ours, Lucid. I spoke of it in my last post, but this weekend we spent almost three hours there, trying new drinks, meeting the owners, and wishing that we could be baristas. If you’re ever in the Evansville area, it is a definite must try!


Finally, to end this full and fun ninth week, I returned to Bowling Green and spent time outside with Shannon. We went to the grocery, went on a two mile walk, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and flowers in every yard.

All in all, week nine was one of my favorites. I spent an ample amount of time with Cole, explored many new places, indulged in some delicious foods and beverages, spent time in a mall AND DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING, and enjoyed being outside with a friend.

and now onto week TEN! [Praise Hands Here!]


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