A Few of My Favorite Things

There are many places in this world that hold have captured my heart: Prague, Czech Republic; Bregenz, Austria; Watercolor Beach, Florida; and Nashville, TN just to name a few. Although I am not adventuring across Europe this summer as I did last year, I am thankful to have someone to go on adventures with this summer from Nashville all the way to San Francisco and Yosemite next month! 

As Nashville is one of my favorite places, Cole and I took some time to explore and have a date there this past weekend. I have been planning this day out for a few months, waiting to treat him to thank him for all his support during my contentment challenge. Our first stop was to head to Monnell’s in Germantown for some family-style home cooking. However, the wait was outrageous and apparently everyone had the same idea for brunch. We made the best of the beautiful area and snapped a few pics. 

Plan B: we headed to 12S, a cool area full of delicious foods, unique murals, and friendly people. We ended up eating at the same place we visited for Valentine’s Day: Burger Up, concluding that on the eighth day, God created those burgers and sweet potato fries. 

After waddling out from the restaurant, we walked up and down 12S, talking to people and enjoying the beautiful 65 and sunny, day. In February when we visited last, we tried to go to a local donut place: Five Daughters Bakery, but all the donuts were sold out! This time, it was a must, for me (sweet tooth is real, y’all). I got a vegan strawberry maple glazed donut and it was SO amazing. 

After leaving 12S, we headed to Cumberland Transit to get Cole some hiking boots for our trip to Yosemite! We spent time testing out the options and looking through all their great outdoor apparel. He finally chose some reliable shoes and of course I had to document the moment. 

We then stopped by Centennial Park, right down the road, in anticipation of hanging out in our Eno hammocks. When we got there, we found a music festival with food trucks and lots and lots of people. We walked around the park for a while and enjoyed the music. There was even a flower truck (be still my heart!) and Cole, being the lovely person that he is, got me a sunflower. 

After walking some more, we decided to skip out on hammock time and we rented bikes. 

Lastly, before heading home, we went on a hunt for a mural in the Gulch. This mural was done by Kelsey Montague, the same person who painted several murals we took pictures with in San Antonio, TX. Thankfully we found it and then headed back to BG!

After a fun and busy few hours in Music City, it is safe to say that no matter how often I visit, Nashville will forever have my heart. I look forward to our next visit there and for all the other adventures we are planning in the future. 

Stay Fabulous, Nashville. 


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