Many the Miles

Long distance relationships are not built for the weak hearted. Not only do the individuals in the relationship have to trust and respect each other, they have to be willing to sacrifice their own needs for the sake of one another. Distance can make any relationship difficult. Miles are driven, gas tanks are emptied, and goodbyes seem to come all too frequently. Luckily if you find the right person, every mile is worth the drive. 

I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, Cole, for now ten months. Ten months of dating from two different locations: Kentucky and Indiana. We go weeks without seeing each other, both caught in our everyday routines of work, coaching (Cole), and spending time with friends and family. Each day we do not see one another just becomes another day closer to reuniting. 

While it is tough to live two hours apart, it is also such a blessing. We look forward to each time we see each other, planning out where we will go weekends in advance. The adventures we have been on are just as numerous as some who live in the same city. From hiking, biking, eating all foods, coffee dates, cooking, hammocking, trips to multiple states, and our big trip this summer, California, we are constantly looking forward to something. 

I think one of the most beautiful things that the Lord is teaching us through this season in our lives is the gift of patience. Yes, our long distance relationship is difficult. Yes, we would like to eventually live in the same city and see each other more than twice a month. And yes, we would enjoy not having to plan out each time we see each other. However, we do realize that some have it much worse than us. FaceTime has been such a blessing and I so look forward to receiving a hand written letter in the mail as well. These little things make it all worth it. 

There are many miles between us, but I am thankful for a Lord that provides, an easy parkway to drive, and a man that loves so generously, earnestly, and beautifully. Never settle. Never believe that there are not wonderful guys out there. There are, and they are worth every mile. 


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